LECO Workshop: Metabolomics

Dates: 27 – 28 November 2019

Venue: LECO European Application and Technology Center

LECO invites you to a diverse Metabolomics Analysis event at the EATC in Berlin. Expert speakers will present how the use of LECO GC-TOF-MS and GC×GC-TOF-MS enhances their latest target and untargeted metabolomics analysis applications in various fields such as Human disease, foodomics and plant biomarkers. These lectures will be supplemented with a laboratory session showcasing the latest LECO instrumentation and software.

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Participation is free of charge, including a special evening event on 27th November!

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Metabolomics Workshop

Biomarker analysis

Biomarker discovery and disease discovery require deep diagnostic mass spectral tools. Ultra high resolution and excellent mass accuracies are essential for multiple metabolite identification. LECO High Resolution TOF (HRT) mass spectrometry means that multiple metabolite identification and discovery is possible from a single sample injection and negates the need for slow single analyte interrogation. This means one sample, with hundreds to thousands of analytes to be discovered with one holistic HRT mass spectral approach. LECO offers GC HRT instrument and software solutions, continuing to lead the way in metabolomic systems biology studies offering huge advantages and opening the doors wide to discovery.


Plant Metabolomics

The ability to characterise small molecules in high quality foods or differing plant species for medicinal purposes are the drivers for plant metabolite profiling strategies. Matrix effects, high sugar contents and chlorophyll challenge the best analytical chemists and this is why LECO GCxGC-TOFMS offers the ultimate solution. Flexibility with high sample throughput and chromatographic excellence are the keys to successful plant metabolite characterisation. The LECO in-house method development skills and technical knowledge justifies the elite global reputation bestowing confidence to every new analyst in the field of metabolomics.


Metabolomic profiling

Omic strategies address the needs of systems biology leading to the discovery of personalise medicine and treatment programs to improving food quality and our day to day diet. The LECO TOFMS platforms enable substantial reduction of sample analysis time and vastly increased sample throughput that is essential for systems biology strategies. LECO’s round-robin-tested mass spectrometers are proven to be reliable and robust. Add to this the powerful statistical alignment software tools, means that no metabolomic researcher can afford to be without a LECO solution in their laboratory. World regarded throughout the scientific literature LECO technologies continue to deliver the analytical tools for the metabolomics community.